I'm Bori Fülöp,

founder of BoriskaCeramics. I live in a small village close to Budapest with my husband and three children. The home we dreamed of is located in a renovated village house where our favorite animals live with us: dogs, cats, sheep, hens and geese. We love all animals as family members.

From the very beginning, we designed our home to include a place for my pottery workshop. With the workshop, including the oven, my childhood dream came true. I come from a family of artists and at the age of six I lived with the image of a cozy workshop where I could create. My dream has come true for six years now.

My works are inspired by my environment, nature, plants, animals, I try to mold them into a colorful, cheerful, lively world that reflects me. This kind of creation, working with clay, is the greatest master of the “here and now” in which all matter is together: fire, water, earth and air. The same things that make up the whole universe. That’s why it’s such a wonderful thing to deal with clay.

In addition to my own style, I also incorporate the customer’s ideas and desires into the objects. The things born by my hands are unique, onefold, and unrepeatable, like everything in the world that is created by human hands.

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